New Spring Styles

The Luke Swinson Collection

These sustainable essentials feature exclusive graphics from Anishinaabe artist Luke Swinson and plant cedar trees across Western Canada.

Versatile Essentials

Luke Swinson's versatile collection seamlessly transitions from casual to sophisticated, day to night. Each piece has unique designs that complement diverse styles, offering freedom of expression for the modern lifestyle.

Quality picks & illustrations

Luke Swinson's clothing exudes quality craftsmanship, featuring premium materials and meticulous attention to detail. Each garment is designed to ensure durability and comfort. Additionally, Luke Swinson's unique illustrations add a touch of creativity and personality to the products, making them stand out with artistic flair. Experience the perfect blend of quality and artistry with Luke Swinson's clothing collection.

Sustainable Style

Luke Swinson's collection blends sustainability with style, offering eco-friendly apparel crafted with ethical practices. Each piece embodies environmental responsibility without compromising on fashion. Plus, with every purchase, you contribute to planting cedar trees across West Canada. Explore Luke Swinson's collection for fashion that's both chic and sustainable.