7 Reasons Why October Is Our Favorite Month

by / Sep 27, 2017
7 Reasons Why October Is Our Favorite Month

There are a variety of people that love the season of Fall, but the reasons as to why everyone loves this time of year span further than just seven of them! We reduced it so that we wouldn't have to bore you with all of the amazing facts for one to enjoy the cool weathered month of October.


1. Pumpkin-Flavored Foods

Whenever the season of Fall rolls around, especially in October, everyone starts making some of the most delicious pumpkin-flavored foods that you could ever taste in your life! So many delicious recipe's ranging from pie to coffee beverages to just eating the actual squash itself.


2. Festivities

October is the time of year for all of the food festivals to come alive. Or if you're the kind of person that prefers all of the brew festivals, then that just means you have a lot to choose from. Of course there are a variety of other Fall festivals that involve Halloween, but you're definitely going to see a lot of food and drink no matter what the event might be!


3. The Beautiful Change In Colors

Whenever October comes around, you are probably already aware of how gorgeous your street looks. Covered in various shades of browns, yellows, reds, and oranges. Nothing quite gets you in the Autumnal spirit unlike the changing of colors in our surrounding nature.


4. Movie/TV Season

October is usually the best time for all of your favorite shows. Whether they are a television series you've been waiting all summer for or all of your favorite classics that you love to watch every single year when Fall is outside of your door. Whatever you're in the mood for, now is the time to start preparing those marathons because we have a lot of watching to do!


5. The Lovely Weather

October's weather changes are some of the best transitions. We get to experience the summer cooling off into a more comfortable atmosphere for all of us to start wearing our Fall outfits again. It always feels so good to be able to put on your favorite hoodie and be at the right temperature all day no matter where you go.


6. The Abundance Of Candy

When October rolls around, you already know what's about to happen at all your favorite grocery stores. That's right, all of the delicious and awesome junk food that's going to hit the shelves. On top of it being super close to Halloween, what more can be better than getting to stock up on all your favorite candies?


7. Cuddle Season

Mentioned before a little bit in number four, this is the perfect time to start cuddling with your favorite people. Whether it's family or a specific loved one, you need to get all of your favorite blankets and cuddle with each other. Maybe make some tea, hot chocolate, eat a little bit of pie, and just cuddle all day long.

Of course, there are a lot more other reasons as to why October is our favorite month of the year, but these seven justify all of the best qualities! Do you have any favorite October activities that you like to do? What fun places do you visit this time of year?